Oxy Lean Elite Aminos


100% Digested - 100% Absorbed - 99% Utilized

AminoLeanTM has a protein nutritional value of 99%. This means that 99% of its amino acids are used as "building blocks" in the body to build protein. In comparison, only 18% (maximum) of the amino acids from any other amino acid formula can be used as "building blocks".


Take AminoLeanTM and Be a Champion: 6 times more effective than whey, soy, hemp, rice or any other protein isolate with virtually no effect on organ function.

An excellent vegan/vegetarian source of amino acids to support body protein synthesis. Over 500% more nutritionally effective than whey or soy protein isolates. Comprised of 8 essential amino acids, AminoLeanTM is a unique, patented, amino acid profile that provides a 99% net nitrogen utilization (NNU), the highest NNU of and dietary protein. 

AminoLean Benefits: Can be used to help maximize the body's ability to regenerate or build new tissue necessary for optimal health. It not only provides excellent workout results, it is ideal for vegetarians and vegans. AminoLean builds and repairs without taxing liver and kidney function. AminoLean is 100% predigested and 99% utilized for body protein synthesis with no metabolic waste. For sports, prevention, regeneration and anti-aging this is truly a remarkable product.

It is now possible to provide protein/amino acid nutritional support that results in virtually no harmful nitrogen waste or calories. As a result, individuals at any age can safely meet their daily protein/amino acid requirements without overloading the heart, kidney and liver functions with nitrogen waste.