Oxy Lean Complete Heat Stack (Oxy Lean + Oxy Lean Complete Meal Pro)

Specifically Formulated For The American Lifestyle

Let's face it, we all have a tougher time getting lean than we used to. We no longer have the luxury of eating and drinking reckless amounts of calories while still getting lean and toned. This is exactly why Oxy Lean was developed. To give people who workout and eat right a much needed edge. Because nature forgot to. 



  • Fat Burning Matrix - So You Can Lose Unwanted Fat In Your Problem Areas
  • Appetite Control - Allows You To Stifle Those Pesky Cravings
  • Metabolism Boost - Helps You To Burn Carbs And Calories Faster
  • Energy - To Help You Get More Out Of Your Workout
  • Positive Mood - So You Can Have Better Mental Clarity And Focus



    Thermogenesis is a process that increases heat production in the body so body-fat is used as energy. This is helpful to you because it helps your body get leaner faster as you work out.  

    Thermogenic Oxy Lean is proven to enhance metabolism, burn calories and boost energy where it's needed the most. For maximum results, use Oxy Lean with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

    Have you ever hit a plateau that stopped your progress no matter how hard you diet and exercise?

    If so, we recommend you give Oxy Lean a try. It's risk-free because you're protected by our 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll gladly give you your money.


    • Non-GMO – Because Who Really Wants To Eat A Science Experiment?
    • Gluten-Free –Easier For You To Digest And Helps Lower Cholesterol
    • Soy Free – For Those with Allergies Or Thyroid Issues
    • Low Sugar w/ No Artificial Sweeteners – So Your Body Can Be Fueled by Clean Energy
    • ORAC Value 20,000 – Adding Necessary Antioxidants To Your Diet
    • Enriched with Spectra  – An All-Natural Formula Scientifically Validated To Inhibit Free radical production


    One Oxy Lean Meal Replacement shake takes the place of multiple supplements. Just like it’s sister, Oxy Lean, this delicious meal replacement shake uses the power of Thermogenesis to help you burn maximum fat while you workout.

    This powerful meal replacement also packs 24 grams of essential protein in each serving. Vital protein which is vital for you to develop the toned, firm muscles you desire.

    In addition to that, you also get the benefit of an appetite suppressant to help you curve the cravings of snacking on junk foods and sugars.

    Are you ready to take the next step in achieving the body you desire?

    If so, give Oxy Lean Meal Replacement Pro a try. We’ll give you 60 full days to test it out and see how great you feel. And if you are not completely satisfied, just contact us and we will be sure to give you a refund. That's our iron clad, money back guarantee...

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