OxyLean Keto FX BHB Salts w/MCT - 3 Servings

  • OxyLean Keto FX BHB Salts w/MCT - 3 Servings

OxyLean Keto FX BHB Salts w/MCT - 3 Servings

OxyLean Keto FX BHB Salts w/MCT - 3 Servings

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    OxyLean Keto-FX Benefits

    • 1 Serving per Sample Pack (1 set comes with 3 servings)
    • 10 Grams of High Quality BHB Salts per Serving
    • 3 Grams of MCT Powder per Serving
    • Promotes Fat Loss
    • Increased Energy
    • Enhanced Cognitive Abilities
    • Mood Stabilizer 
    • Amazing R.E.M Sleep
    • Reduced Brain Fog
    • Sustained Appetite Control 

    Supply your body with the largest panel of distinguished ingredients that introduce the fat burning power of Oxy Lean Keto-FX. Introducing exogenous Ketones into the body promotes endurance, amazing mental clarity, and clean energy that aids in metabolic efficiency without changes to ones current eating habits.

    Exogenous Ketones add additional fuel to the body and brain that can be used immediately as fuel for physical activity as well as overcoming activities that can be mentally taxing.

    These Ketones also aid in decreasing hunger and adding more energy to your daily activities causing you to burn more calories on a daily basis.

    Oxy Lean Keto-FX can be used in a variety of ways: 

    • Before Exercise (Cardio Sessions, Weight Training, or Aerobic Activities)
    • Before Mentally Taxing Activities (Studying, Testing, Work, Writing etc)
    • Each Morning To Control Appetite (Weight Management, Cognitive Improvement)
    • Transitioning Into Low / No Carb Diets (Eliminates Brain Fog, Physical Stress)

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