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FAQ for Oxy Lean

1. What should I expect when using Oxy Lean?

When using Oxy Lean you should expect an increase in a slight increase in body temperature as it is a Thermogenic. You will also see assistance with focus, mental clarity, energy, and endurance.

2. How should I take Oxy Lean?

We recommend 1 in the morning 30-45 minutes after your first meal. (We recommend eating a large meal before consuming the product to help with better absorption and to avoid potential nausea.)

3. How Many Capsules Can I Take?

We recommend to start with 1 capsule for the first 14 days to assess your tolerance. If one capsule works fine then you can increase to two capsules after the 14 day period.

4. Are there any side effects with the Oxy Lean product?

Some of our customers are sensitive to the effects of Oxy Lean. Customers who are sensitive usually open up the capsule, empty half of the powder out and put the capsule back together. They do this until their body adapts and can take 1 whole capsule a day

5. What are some of the effects of Oxy Lean?

Oxy Lean is a very strong product. Some customers who have never taken a supplement as strong as Oxy Lean can experience nausea or jitters when using the product for the first few days until their body adjusts to the strength of the product. 

6. What if I experience nausea or jitters when consuming this product?

If you experience nausea we recommend that you up your food intake on your first meal before consuming the capsule. We also recommend eating your first meal with some sort of dense food to help with the absorption of the product. Foods like bread, oats, or grits seem to work well according to long time customers. We also recommend consuming at least 1 gallon of water a day to stay hydrated while using the product. 

7. How much water should I drink when taking Oxy Lean?

We recommend consuming anywhere from 72-128oz of water per day.

8. Will I Experience weight loss with Oxy Lean?

Weight loss is dependent on nutrition and exercise programs. For nutrition and exercise information please consult with your acting physician. You can also visit our blog at Sports Wholesale Supply for healthy recipes and exercise tips.

9. How should I take two capsules of Oxy Lean?

If you move to two capsules per day we recommend one in the morning 30-45 minutes after your first meal and one in the afternoon 30-45 minutes after your lunch meal or afternoon snack.

10. Does Oxy Lean contain stimulants or caffeine?

Yes. Oxy Lean contains both stimulants and caffeine.

11. Can I take Oxy Lean if I have a pre-existing condition?

Please consult your acting physician before purchasing any supplements if you have a pre-existing condition.

12. Can I continuously use Oxy Lean.

Yes. However we recommend taking a 2 week break in between bottles to keep your body sensitized to the product to keep results consistent.

13. How much caffeine does Oxy Lean have?

It has 93mg of caffeine per capsule.

14. Is there any kind of a money back guarantee if I'm not satisfied?

Yes, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

15. Will you ever take money from my credit card in the future?

We will never enroll you to a monthly membership program nor will we charge your credit card without your consent. This is a one time payment only.